Show Us Your Puppies Ava!

Ava's Puppies

Our Ava's so obliging and she made herself a new best friend recently when she popped into our Manchester studio for pics and found little Mogwai wagging that cute little tail in the office. 'I love dogs!' gushed Ava - and with one wet lick, a firm friendship was made. Lucky pup! Taking her new accessory into the studio, both Ava and Mogwai proved to be perfect models as they turned and posed for our cameras, and Mogwai seemed suspciously comfortable nestled closed to Ava's rather gorgeous cleavage - but then who wouldn't be? Sadly, Mogwai is not available for bookings, due to being seriously underage, but we're happy to report that Ava and her other puppies most definitely are.

For those who haven't yet met her, Ava is a delicious brunette with a slim, yet shapely figure and naturally stunning looks. This classy, sensual Manchester escort is beautifully dressed, intelligent and educated, and the perfect date for those who love tongues - for Ava also speaks fluent Italian, and her oral skills are legendary. Often available for afternoon bookings, our Ava just loves spicing up the early part of the day with a bit of naughty fun, and is happy to boast that her company is as open minded as it is sensual.

There are plenty of hotels and serviced apartments in and around Manchester and the North West that make the perfect location for an illicit afternoon liaison, and our friendly reception team are happy to advise you on the appropriate accomodation for your budget. 

Simply give us a call on 0161 798 6769 to arrange your date with Ava. Until then, ciao!

Lucky Pup!
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