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Manchester escort Summer chatted with our receptionists about what makes this sexy teen so popular.

It's November, winter beckons and it's cold outside - but don't despair! The heat most definitely hasn't left Secrets - not while Summer's around. This stunning brunette sex bomb makes most guys hot under the collar, and boy does she know how to make you sweat...

A sultry dark haired goddess with a figure like J Lo and the looks of a pinup, this teen Manchester escort is ripe, juicy and ready for picking. Only available one night a week, this young lady is heavily in demand by her retinue of eager fans, and she knows just how to keep them coming back for more. A skilled seductress at just 19, Summer never fails to please, and she not only looks the part - she doesn't stop until you're absolutely satisfied either.

We had a quick chat with Summer this afternoon to try and find out a little bit more about this teenage tease...

Q: So Summer, you're really popular at Secrets. Why do you think our guys love you so much?
A: (giggles) Well, I like to look after my appearance and make sure that I look the best I can whenever I work. As a woman, I think it's important to show off your best assets and make the most of your femininity.

Q: And what are your best assets?
A: I always get told that my eyes are very inviting - I must be a natural flirt! Oh, and my boobs are big and perky too.

Q: What's your ideal evening out?
A: I loooooooove to party, so a night out in a bar or club is perfect. I like being the centre of attention, so it's great excuse to wear something really sexy and make sure that all eyes are on me. Manchester's got a great nightlife, so painting the town is always a winner with me. But I do love cosy nights in and cuddles as well, especially now it's getting cold. Make me a hot chocolate and I'm all yours!

Q: How do you spend your time when you're not escorting?
A: I go to college as I'd like to have a great career one day - I'm quite ambitious really. At night, I love to party with my friends. I love getting my hair and nails done and shopping for clothes and underwear - being an escort lets my wild side loose, so I get a real kick from buying sexy undies and dresses and watching my client's faces when I strip off.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
A: Ooooooh, I'd like to have a great job - maybe own my own business and a fast car. I like the idea of wearing a suit to work, bossing people about and being like Karen from The Apprentice. I think I'd make a good boss. I don't think I'll be married or anything yet - plenty of time for that later on!  I'll still be partying and going wild though!

Q: What's your ideal car then?
A: A sleek black Audi with tinted windows and a massive engine. Men never expect a woman to step out of one of those. I like to turn heads.

Q: So tell us your secret - why do guys keep calling back for you time after time?
A: (laughs) I can't tell you that! Let's just say I like to look after my men and I like to enjoy myself too - everything else is a secret.

Sexy Summer is working tonight, so if you find yourself looking for some very special company this evening, beat the rush and give us a call to make tonight unforgettable.

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