North West Escort Annabelle Takes Dictation

Sexy Annabelle Flashes

Brand new hot and horny North West escort Annabelle called into the office this morning to show me a little of what she does in her day job. 'I'm a Retail Manager for a very large, well known company', she whispers conspiratorially. 'I love my job and all the intellectual challenges it brings, but what I love even more is having a secret life outside work that reveals the real me - the good girl gone bad.' As she says this, Annabelle's sucking the end of my pen very suggestively (it was in my mouth only a second ago the naughty minx!), and her skirt is riding higher and higher up those toned thighs until I see a flash of red stocking top and the strap of a suspender belt. My mind is running riot and I can only imagine what else she has on underneath that tight pencil skirt and demure blouse... Oh-so-innocently, she bats those long lashes at me over the top of her sexy secretary specs and asks 'do you need me to do anything for you Carrie...?' Resisting the urge to let her know exactly what she can do for me right now, I leave her to get the phone as I take a couple of shots - after all, it seems rude not to share this vision of loveliness with you guys. If you'd like Annabelle to take dictation, or indeed anything else for you, I strongly suggest you give me a call... Carrie x

Annabelle Shows Her Cleavage

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