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Melissa Busts Out

Mature Manchester escort Melissa called into our offices today for a chat about escorting, love, life and what really

rocks her world. Read this interview with sexy blonde bombshell Melissa here...

Q: That’s a hell of a big bag you’re carrying there Melissa – do tell us what’s in it!

A: (laughs dirtily) – Yes I do have a habit of bringing everything with me, don’t I? Well, having been a girl guide, I like to come prepared, so I’ve got quite a lot in here. Let’s see – stockings (holding up seamed, lace topped numbers in nude and black), loads of underwear – I love anything in satin, silk or lace, so I’ve got lots of sexy things with straps. My makeup bag, my toiletries, massage oil – I give a great massage. Oh and toys – I do like to enjoy myself after all (blushes).


Q: Your new photos are stunning. Did you shop for your lingerie specially?

A: I certainly did - do you like my little red dickie bow? I thought it added a little cheeky something to my outfit, and it gave me an excuse to indulge in those red shoes too! I love buying lingerie - there’s nothing naughtier than feeling something silky and sexy slip against your skin. I’m lucky that I have naturally big boobs, so I’m always looking for new bras to show them off. I love corsets and basques too. One of my favourite clients took me shopping recently and bought me the most beautiful silk and lace underwear set – whenever I wear it for him, it makes me feel gorgeous.


Q: And are the toys just for escorting...?

A: Oh god, no! These bad boys come out most evenings! I have quite a high sex drive, so even when I’m not escorting, I’m playing on my own.


Q: So are you single?

A: Yes, I am – I much prefer it that way. I tend to find that relationships get stale over time, and even though I try to keep things spicy, I always end up craving variety, which is partly why guys who ask me to see them privately always get a polite but firm ‘no’ from me. I enjoy the companionship side of a relationship, but you can’t beat being single for satisfying your physical urges, so escorting is the perfect job for me – I get to spend time with some lovely guys, and I get my needs fulfilled too.


Q: Is that why you became an escort?

A: Mainly, yes. I started a few years ago out of financial necessity, but I’ve kept working because I love it. I’ve worked for a few agencies now and I’ve really settled in at Secrets. I like the staff and the other girls and I feel safe here. In the main, the clients I see are lovely, respectful guys and I have an amazing time with them – I really do look at it as a pleasurable pastime rather than a ‘job’, which is why I’m always available!


Q: What would be your ideal date with a client?

A: I don’t care whether he’s wearing George at Asda or Armani, but my ideal man would always be freshly showered and smelling delicious. I love playing ‘Guess The Aftershave’ with a guy who’s made as much of an effort with his appearance as I have. I’m definitely more of a one-on-one kind of girl, so while I enjoy parties and bookings with other escorts, a date that’s just for two is far more up my street. I’d describe myself as very sensual, so skin contact is a must, even if it’s just brushing fingertips over a dinner table. And I find giving a massage as relaxing as receiving one, so if you’re up for getting oily together, then I’ll be a very happy bunny.


Q: What’s your favourite bedroom activity?

A: You’ll have to book me to find out!


Q: How do you wind down in your spare time?

A: I’m a typical girl, so I love curling up with a good book, or in front of a film with a bottle of wine and some chocolate. And of course, I have my toys too!


Q: What’s the meaning of life according to Melissa?

A: (laughs) Have fun, regret nothing and enjoy the little things – you’ll miss them when they’re gone.


This beautiful blonde Manchester escort drives herself and is available for home or hotel visits across the North West. She’s available most afternoons as well as evenings, so give us a call on 0161 798 6769 to make your enquiry. Melissa is extremely popular, so don’t wait too long!

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