Manchester Escort Nadia Takes His Temperature

Naughty Nurse Nadia

Busty Manchester escort Nadia makes her date feel better when she dons a cheeky nurse’s uniform and gives him the medicine he needs...

It had been a hard month and I needed some TLC. Nadia has long been my favourite escort girl, and I can never resist her plethora of naughty little outfits and open minded sense of fun. As I felt shattered and stressed to the max, I thought the best way to get my blood pressure back to normal would be by getting the lovely Nadia to take my temperature and administer the kind of medicine that only she can give.

I lay back on the couch, my breathing rapid, my pulse beating and my forehead hot.  In walked Nadia: young and hot, massive boobs

heaving out of the shortest, tightest and most unprofessional looking nurse’s uniform I have ever seen. She stopped at the couch and put her hands on her hips, her foot in its black patent stiletto shoe between my thighs, just shy of my crotch, her bent knee giving me a full-on view of her stocking tops and suspenders under her miniature frock. God I wish all nurses dressed like this... She looked at me appraisingly.

“You vont me to take care uff you poorly boy?”she asked in that sexy as hell Eastern European accent.

Bending down towards me to place one cool hand on my pounding forehead, I was nearly smothered by that incredible bust. Nadia has the biggest, creamiest, natural boobs I have ever seen. Not only are they goddamn big, they’re also goddamn perfect – not one stretch mark or flaw to be found on those glorious puppies. I was practically salivating at the thought of getting them out of that uniform and into my mouth.

"Help me Nurse”, I asked. “Please can you do something to make it better?"

"Ahhh, poor dahlink” Nadia drawled, slowly unbuttoning my shirt. “Ve need to make sure ze heart is beatink properly.”

My shirt gaping open, she was soon raking her long nails softly through the hair on my chest. Pulling her little toy stethoscope from around her neck and placing the little ear pieces into her ears, she slowly and seductively licked the sensor, before sliding it over my pounding heart and giving a mock gasp.

“But dahlink, you are practically at ze door of death!” she breathed dramatically. “I vill heff to giff you ze mouth to mouth.”

She sat astride me, like a cowgirl gets onto a horse. I could feel her, already hot and damp right over my pulsating groin. She pulled my shirt off and threw it, before unzipping the front of that unfeasibly tight little white uniform. She wasn't wearing a bra and her enormous boobs sprang free into my eager face. God, I was feeling better already. She took my hands and put them on her breasts, letting me squeeze and play with those bad boys.

"Does zat make you feeling better?” she asked, every inch the sexy Russian naughty nurse.

I nodded helplessly, already in heaven. She leaned her head forward, tilting her body towards me and planted a soft kiss on my lips, opening her mouth to massage my tongue with hers.  Reluctantly, she broke away from me before whispering in my ear,

“I sink ve need to moof to ze bedroom dahlink. I need to perform ze full body examination.”

Practically quivering with excitement and anticipation and holding onto my aching groin, I managed to lever myself up from the couch, following those long legs and that curvy ass to the bedroom. It’s probably the first and only time that I’ve ever looked forward to receiving a medical... What happened next will remain in my memory for a long time, but suffice to say that I took my medicine like a good boy.

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