Manchester Escort Megan's Surprise Booking

Megan Poses in Panties

Manchester escort Megan gets more than she bargains for when she goes shopping for underwear...

Being very, very petite had its downsides Megan thought, as she gazed longingly at a beautiful satin basque with a cup size that looked as though it might comfortably accommodate a pair of grapefruits...

It was so difficult to find sexy lingerie for her work as an escort with schoolgirl assets. Sighing, she hung the basque back on the rack. As she glanced down forlornly at her perfectly formed, but nevertheless tiny cleavage, her gaze was caught by a silky little pair of knickers on the shelf below – the very last pair, and as luck would have it, a miniscule size 6. Her fingertips stroked the soft, white fabric as she turned over the tag to reveal an exorbitant price.  She almost let the scrap of fabric drop to the floor in shock, but then a deep voice intoned from behind her ‘You’d look delicious in those’.  Blushing, Megan looked up into a pair of deep brown eyes, taking in the handsome, craggy features and silvering hair of a man who could easily have been her father’s age, painfully aware of the silky swatch still swinging conspicuously from one fingernail between them. ‘A petite little backside like yours should only ever be dressed in white panties’ he said, ‘I’d be honoured if you’d allow me to buy them for you.’ Megan gaped at the sheer cheek of the man, trying to ignore the growl of desire uncurling in the pit of her stomach. ‘I don’t allow strange men to buy me underwear’ she said snootily, though barely half as affronted as she appeared, tossing the panties back on the shelf and turning to leave the shop before her common sense deserted her entirely.

Later that evening, she knocked on her date's hotel room door, glancing down quickly to check that her little black dress clung in all the right places, that the lace of her stocking top was tantalisingly visible, and that her high, high black patent heels were reflecting the view pleasingly from below. She hadn’t managed to find underwear that day, so she’d brazened it out and was naked under her dress from the tops of her stockings. The door was opened by a familiar figure and Megan’s stomach turned over with raw desire as she recognised the handsome older face from earlier that afternoon. ‘Come in’, he invited, pushing the door open to reveal a lavishly dressed king sized bed with a tiny pair of white panties set against the red silk of the counterpane. The door closed behind them and Megan turned with a smug smile, leaning in to her client, slipping her tongue slowly and sensuously into his mouth. Pulling away, he smiled knowingly and patted her pert, tight little arse. ‘Go and get those panties on’ he growled. Megan kissed him lightly on the cheek, I love how you spoil me’ she whispered in his ear, tongue lightly flicking over his lobe. Slinking to the bed and picking up the horrifically expensive, prized panties, she purred ‘tonight’s going to be the best ever baby’, already damp at the thought of the night of sensual fun ahead with her favourite client. 

A gorgeous, petite escort with a tiny ittle figure and stunning looks, Megan is available for bookings to your home or Manchester hotel at your request. Call our office now on 0161 798 6769 to make an enquiry.

Megan's Petite Perfection

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