Manchester Escort Lizzie Makes The Grade

Lizzie's Cheeky

Manchester student and escort Lizzie gets more that she bargains for when she’s forced to ask Sir to improve her grades...


It wasn’t quite the end to the day that he expected – he had never found it easy telling a promising student that her grades were sinking fast. He was going to have to inform her that she would have to be dropped down a year or forego her dream of getting a first class honours degree, after all, she was getting herself heavily in debt to be at university. But he had to tell her, it was his duty as her tutor.

As he got up from his desk, ready to leave, there came a knock on the door. “Enter” he said, and the door creaked open. Lizzie stood nervously in the doorway. Looking at him pleadingly she asked, “Can I talk to you please Sir?”

He looked at his watch and sighed, “Yes alright, I have a few minutes before I have to leave.”

She twisted the knot on her little white cropped vest absentmindedly, revealing more of that flat, tanned stomach and shifting her weight from one foot to the other, “Sir, it’s about my grades...”

He glanced down at the stack of her recent papers, heavily marked in red ink, exasperated and wondering why it was that 20 year old students wore so little to learn in any more. “We’ve discussed this Lizzie - you know I have no choice but to drop you down into a lower set.”

“But Sir, I’ve been trying so hard – it’s just that I’m working nights as well as studying and it’s all been getting a bit... on top of me.... Please give me one last chance to improve my marks Sir.”

Her voice hitched in her throat, tears filling her big blue eyes as her fingers worked the knot distractedly, inadvertently pulling the top tighter over her impressively firm cleavage. Trying to ignore the twitch in his groin, he proffered a tissue, gesturing for her to sit on the chair, before walking to the door and closing it.

Lowering onto the corner of the desk directly in front of her, it was hard not to notice the blush of shame on her pale cheeks and the movement of her mouth as she bit anxiously at her plump red bottom lip. The fabric of her top strained over those firm breasts and he couldn’t help but imagine the soft skin cupped in her bra. He knew it was wrong to stare but it was impossible to look away.

 “I have given you too many chances to improve already” he said, “so why should I give you another?”

Lizzie looked up at him, her long lashed eyes still wet from her tears and murmured hesitatingly, “I know Sir, but this time I would do anything to make sure I get a first...” biting the length of one long, French-tipped nail seductively, and uncrossing her legs slowly, deliberately making her short pleated skirt ride up her smooth, tanned thigh.

Catching a glimpse of black lace panties as the skirt lifted just an inch or two too much, the gnawing sensation in his groin became an ache, making him painfully aware of her upturned face level with his bulging crotch.

“You say you will do anything to get a good grade, Lizzie?” he asked huskily as he felt the ache taking over and erasing all sense and responsibility.

She looked up at him from beneath sooty lashes, running the tip of her tongue over that full, red top lip, “Oh yes Sir, I’ll do whatever it takes to graduate with a first class honours degree.”

He groaned with wanting, knowing that there would be no return from this moment. “Very well”, he said, “you’ve made your choice - you’re going to have to make me very happy. Take off your top and unzip your skirt for me Lizzie” he commanded quietly but firmly.

Enjoying the stirring in her tummy, the growing sensation of dampness between her slim thighs and his eyes taking in every inch of her body, she slowly undid the knot at her ribs and lifted the tiny top teasingly to reveal smooth, creamy breasts pushed up by a black lace bra. Her skirt fell to the floor when she unzipped it, exposing her matching black lace panties.

“Take the top off.” He was panting slightly, beyond aroused at the sight of this young, slim seductress stripping for his pleasure.

Obeying silently, the little top joined her skirt on his office floor. Standing in her matching bra and panties, her legs looking like they went on forever in those high, high heels, the cold air made her nipples stiffen and press against the lace of her bra.

Taking a few seconds to look at her before moving close, his fingers reached out to touch her, listening to her whimper with pleasure... It looked like Lizzie was most definitely going to graduate.

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