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North West Escort Nikita

We’ve turned the spotlight on each of our Manchester escorts here at Secrets and asked them some revealing questions so that we can tell you guys about what really makes our girls tick.

We're planning to interview many more of our North West Escorts here at Secrets, so keep your eyes peeled for more revealing insights into the lives and personalities of these sexy seductresses.

Manchester Escort Nikita is the first of our stunning ladies to be interviewed. If you’ve never

had the pleasure of Nikita's company then you’re missing out on an amazing experience. Just give us a call to see when she is next available – after all, we’re here to help!

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Our Interview with Nikita

Q. What turns you on?
A. A guy who knows how to tease and take his time.

Q. What turns you off?
A. Bad breath and sweaty armpits.

Q. Are you a morning person?
A. No, I love to party until the early hours of the morning.

Q. What do you wear in bed?
A. Nothing, totally naked...

Q. Do you prefer a shower of a bath?
A. Hot bubble bath...

Q. What is your star sign?
A. Taurus.

Q. Have you ever been chatted up in a supermarket?
A. Yes, every time I go, maybe it's because I dress in very tight sexy clothes.

Q. Are your boobs real?
A. No...

Q. What size are they?
A. 32E (but they needed a little help if you know what I mean, lol).

Q. Do you mind if guys look at your boobs when they talk to you?
A. I love attention, but it helps if you look at my face once in a while.

Q. How often do you go lingerie shopping?
A. At least once a week. I love looking for sexy things on the internet.

Q. What do you think you look sexiest in?
A. I like to wear short fitted dresses and the colours I like are black, white or pink as they show off my tan.

Q. What looks best on a guy: boxer shorts or briefs?
A. Boxer shorts for me.

Q. How often do you think about sex?
A. To be honest, I'm a very sexual person so it’s not far from my mind most of the time lol :-).  But if I had to say a time it would be every morning just after I wake up.

Q. Do you masturbate? How often?
A. Yes, 3 times a week at least.

Q. What would you change about yourself?
A. Nothing! I'm comfortable in my own skin.

Q. What moment in your past would you like to return to?
A. I don't live in the past I only live for the future.

Q. How important is physical attraction to you?
A. Very important indeed. I need to fancy someone before I can go out with them.

Q. Would you rather be called cute, hot, sexy or attractive?
A. It would have to be two: cute & sexy all the way.

Q. Where is your favourite place to be kissed?
A. I love having the bottom of my neck kissed gently.

Q. Where is your favourite place to be touched?
A. My back- it really gets me going.

Q. Describe yourself in 3 words?
A. Sexy, funny & glamorous.

Q. If you could date anyone famous who would it be, and why?
A. Jason Statham, because he looks very manly and has balls of steel :-).

Q. Describe your perfect date?
A. A romantic meal with candles, a bottle of chilled Champagne and some red roses.  Just be careful with the Champagne as I get very flirty when I drink!

Q. What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?
A. I really want to join the mile high club... and sex on the beach...

Q. Have you ever had sex in a public place?
 A. Yes - in a night club. While everyone was dancing I was bouncing to the beat...

Q. What colour are your eyes?
A. Green, but when I cry they change to brown.

North West Escort Nikita - 0161 798 6769North West Escort Nikita - 0161 798 6769North West Escort Nikita - 0161 798 6769

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