Frankie: Good Girl Gone Bad

Tie and Tease With Frankie

When we first met Frankie, she was so sweet - like butter wouldn't melt... But how things change! Now our girl Frankie is a VERY bad girl. Not only did she turn up to her photoshoot wearing the tiniest underwear we've ever seen, she also did her level best to get our photographer hot under the collar by posing and pouting in the most suggestive manner (that man has the best job in the world - honestly). In the end, we had to cuff her - if only to stop her touching herself so wantonly. Sadly, by that point everyone in the office was already panting and wishing that they took photos for a living. A complete and utter hottie, Frankie is a sexy, flirty minx not to be missed.

Frankie's New Outfit

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