Dishy Camilla Rubbers Up!

Dishy Camilla Gets Wet

Mature Manchester escort Camilla made herself extremely useful today when she popped into the office and donned some rubber gloves to do the washing up. Of course, as it's the hottest day of the year so far, it's completely reasonable to expect this dishy blonde to strip naked before donning a pinny and getting her fingers wet. We can't complain - it's not often you get your very own naked maid showing off a curvy bum and very substantial cleavage as she roleplays being housekeeper... Suffice to say that she wasn't the only one who ended up feeling a bit hot and bothered. Camilla's available for afternoon fun and is more than happy to bring her pinny and Marigolds if you'd like to see her bending over your sink.

Check Out The Cleavage!
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